Sunday, February 11, 2018

Our Proposal Today! PLAYLIST 006 Ambient, Electronic, Lounge

PLAYLIST 006 (Lounge, Chillhouse, Chillout, Electronic by DJ Dimsa )
Peace and Love to Everyone!
Protect Our Planet!
Relax Now With Our Music!
Chillhouse, Chillout, Beach Vibes, Downtempo, Ambient, Electronic, Lounge

DJ Dimsa is a unique phenomenon representing a very new direction in international DJing. Bedroom DJ or a Professional? Lounge or Deep House DJ? A pioneer of the Internet DJ or a leader for the new breed of Social Media DJs? All of the above and none of them at the same time. DJ Dimsa clearly stands out from today’s crowd of typical DJs who narrowly specialize on one and only genre and sound – he takes the road less travelled and leverages his almost 30 years of musical background to create his unique sound. Dimsa is an Original Lounge Crusader. He has a mission, the LOUNGE mission: to share his moods, whether it’s a beachside cafe or cluster of poolside cabanas in Mallorca, Spain or an ultra-chic and hip lounge in the Bay Area around San Francisco,
Cornwall — United Kingdom

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